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Welcome to Faith Alive Bible College

God’s servants in His vineyard, Pastor Michael Akinfolaju and Pastor Mrs. Ruth Folake Aluko are both products of Christ Message Ministry Bible College, where God used many of His servants to shape who they are today. As God’s kingdom work keeps expanding, there is the need to commit the Gospel into able hands – men and women that will run with the fire. This gave birth to Faith-Alive Bible College. However, the college is correspondence in nature, punctuated with once-a-month meeting with the aim of spiritual development of students, revision of modules, assisting students wherever they get stuck, and attending to other questions that may arise during the course of their studies. Also, one seminar, which counts toward the credit of students, will be organized before the end of each year.


Faith-Alive Bible College is inter-denominational and it has the vision of equipping men and women of various nationals, who will live and preach the Gospel of Christ to the glory of God, and who will walk the talk of the kingdom. Above all, it is our belief that such generation of believers will form a mighty and strong army that will depopulate the kingdom of Satan.

Aims & Objectives

  • Build up a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through the revealed Word and with the help of the Holy Spirit.
  • The language of instruction is English Language. Students are therefore expected to be proficient in Speaking, Writing, and Understanding the language.
  • To assist local churches in the development of their leaders.
  • Expand the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ as they too go forth to impact lives, wherever they find themselves.
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